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About Us

As approaches to profession learning and development evolve, ASLIB has been carefully considering how best to serve information professionals in a digital environment. As a result ASLIB will no longer be offering or scheduling further public courses, workshops or in-house programmes as of August 2015. ASLIB thanks all its customers and trainers for their continued support. If you have any queries about ASLIB training, please contact

Trusted and respected

  • Over 70 years' experience of providing information skills training for information professionals.
  • Expert trainers from a range of sectors with extensive practical knowledge and industry experience.

What our clients have said

We received excellent feedback on all aspects of the ASLIB Training programme. Participants on our Training programmes have commended us for our:

  • Engaging and knowledgeable trainers.
  • Comprehensive course content.
  • Ability to present complex information into a form quickly and easily understood.
  • Small workshop approach, enabling each participant to interact effectively with the course leader and other participants.

Recent feedback from training participants includes:

"I was impressed by the relaxed structure and ability to tailor to individual needs."
Laura Bond, Surrey Libraries

"The course was very hands on - interactive and inclusive with real (current) examples."
Julia Davy-Brown, University of Westminster

"Really good course, the time passed really quickly! The group size was just right. I could follow and engage in this training far better than in other larger trainings I've attended."
Claire Hodkinson, The University of Manchester Library

"The information was presented clearly and easily understood... I now know what I need to do."
Fiona Letendrie, Help the Hospices