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Empowering the information community to stay ahead of the curve.

What makes AKISS a unique and an unmissable event?

Image: The British Library.

AKISS brings together leading, innovative speakers, delegates and a conference committee who have successfully led projects which have delivered significant value, into one interactive community.

A combination of case studies and active learning through discussions and workshops will deliver new knowledge and skills directly applicable to practitioners and researchers.

Challenge your existing practice and opinions together to develop new outcomes, future-proof and deliver greater value.

Return to your workplace with new practical ideas you can apply, and equipped to deliver enhanced value.

Chairing the conference in 2013 was Roly Keating, Chief Executive of The British Library on Day 1 and Loyita Worley, Senior Manager of EMEA Library Operations at Reed Smith on Day 2.

Originally Oliver Morley, Chief Executive of the UK National Archives had been due to chair Day Two of AKISS. However, Oliver has been appointed as Chief Executive of the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) which means he could not chair Day Two.

As his replacement, we chose somebody with considerable experience of senior hands-on management in the information field. Loyita is a very pragmatic can-do professional who, among other aptitudes, knows how to recruit and retain team members, commission new services, build and manage relationships with suppliers, develop, implement and revise strategy, understand customers, deliver value, manage change and not least, gain senior management buy-in. She is also very approachable and friendly, and was a great asset to Day Two of AKISS.

Image: Roly Keating Loyita Worley Image: Neelie Kroes
Roly Keating Loyita Worley Neelie Kroes

An introductory address was made by Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission who is responsible for overseeing the Digital Agenda in Europe.

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