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Autumn Meeting


ASLIB Autumn Member Meeting Update

Thank you all for attending ASLIB’s Autumn Meeting on Wednesday the 12th of September.

ASLIB Members at the Autumn meeting 2012

Linklaters LLP were the perfect hosts and provided us with a fantastic venue. Thanks also to our sponsors Soutron and The Financial Times who helped to make the evening a success.

The slides from the presentations are now available below. Graham Coult has also written up the notes from the group discussion and these are also below.

We are looking forward to the next event and will be in touch with more information very soon.

Best wishes,
Holly Shukla
Relationship Manager

Notes from Group Discussion

What are the greatest challenges you face?

  • Controlling the enquiry/the enquirer;
  • Giving the user what they need rather than what they think they want – service delivery turns into an educational exercise;
  • Diplomacy; The generation gap between what younger users demand, and the older person signing off the bill payment who deosn’t understand why they need particular services/kit;
  • Educating users to question data;
  • Level and standard of presentation – good presentation makes a service much easier to use and more appreciated;
  • It is important to remember to under-promise and over-deliver;
  • Ethics pressure from users/customers to breach ethics in order to obtain materials;
  • Compatability – making sure information supplied is suitable for users and in an appropriate format;
  • Communication; Providing what users want, not what you think they should have (as long as it’slegal);
  • Different teaching styles;
  • Educating users to evaluate sources;
  • Use of Service Level Agreements (work in some cases, not in others);
  • Trust – takes time to build;
  • Lack of resources and detail in sources rather than quantity;
  • Dialogue and relationship with management.

What is your funniest enquiry/experience?

  • Being asked for the names of all the Teletubbies, and being able to answer immediately without checking (others in the audience could also name them without checking!);
  • How many overland buses are there in China;
  • Comparative effects of ingesting and injecting magic mushrooms;
  • (Following court judgment involving a user’s relative) How long has my brother got?
  • What can you give me on aliens (this was actually an enquiry about the law and immigration)?
  • Get me something on China.

We had questions from the floor about whether those present were asked to find things out about people which shouldn’t be delved into (Privacy and Data Protection) and the effectiveness of anonymisation of data – is it possible to put two and two together in order to identify people in supposedly anonymised data


ASLIB reception slides (PPT 799KB)
ASLIB event slides (PPT 2,387KB)
Presentation Slides(PDF 517KB)

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