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Benefits of ASLIB Membership

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Join the hundreds of other organizations around the world who benefit from a range of high quality and relevant services, provided by a leading global corporate information management association.

Information underpins every aspect of the corporate and academic environment today. With the explosion of the availability of information thanks to Internet technologies, understanding the latest techniques in gathering and using information and exploiting its critical role in everything from competitiveness to compliance has never been more important.

ASLIB Membership

The unique benefits of ASLIB Membership

ASLIB Associate Membership

The benefits of ASLIB Associate Membership

  • Receive one copy of Managing Information in print and electronic format (with multi-site access)
  • 20% discount on ASLIB training
  • ASLIB newsletter, published 6 times a year, an easy-to-read news digest featuring current research in managing information and industry news

Managing Information subscription

  • Managing Information is a subscription magazine, which is available both electronically (single site access only) and in print format, for everyone who uses information. 

Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters subscription

  • Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters is a subscription magazine published 4 times a year available both electronically (single site access only) and in print format.  Essential reading to help you and your company manage risk, protect reputational capital and maintain excellent customer relationships. 


If you want to take out membership or subscription go to Membership rates for costs and purchasing or alternatively please contact us.

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