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ASLIB Individual Membership

*Individual membership – Don’t lose out when it comes to Data Protection legislation

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ASLIB individual members get online access to Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters magazine for £50 (+VAT) a year.

Your organization will be affected by the changes in Privacy and Data Protection legislation. ASLIB can support you to ensure your organization does not suffer from non-compliance.

Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters is a resource to help those people in organizations who are responsible for ensuring compliance to legislation, to achieve best practice and manage organizational risk.

With individual membership you will also receive:

The magazine is an easy to read, practical resource which supports you in complying with legislative requirements, including interviews with regulators, law makers, lawyers and leading practitioners. A print and online subscription to Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters at an organizational level usually costs £120 (+VAT) per year.

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E-mail: support@aslib.com
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* Individual membership is solely for the use of the individual. If company wide access is needed, please contact support@aslib.com for an alternative membership package.