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Managing Information is a subscription magazine available both electronically and in print format, for everyone who uses information.

The magazine's core topics include information management, knowledge management, taxonomy, intellectual property (copyright, patents, trademarks, data protection, freedom of information), IT security, disaster recovery (information and data aspects), the internet, Web 2.0 and social media, libraries, information centres and museums.

Managing Information reflects the needs of information professionals across all sectors - corporate and commercial, public, academic/educational, and voluntary. The purpose of the magazine is to help readers enhance their own performance, and that of their organizations, providing news, comment and analysis, feature articles on best practice, and reviews.

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Managing Information: Current issue: Volume 21 Issue 1

Image: Managing Information current issueAt its best, information technology adds to the physical and natural world, it is not a replacement. There is a whole new range of skills and expertise in blending the virtual and real world in order to support education, development, skills and knowledge acquisition.

What is best covered in a video presentation and what is best covered with something text based? Who is the target audience – a group of senior academics or primary school children? What type of information is being presented – the career (to complement a statue) of a leading 1930s footballer at a stadium or information on how to manage a medical condition such as cancer?

In this issue, in a variety of articles, research reviews and book reviews we look at the challenges, and offer practical solutions, in combining the virtual and real worlds.

Graham Coult, Editor-in-chief,
Managing Information magazine


Managing data

  • The disadvantages of “localization”
  • Marketing’s missing link?
  • One size does not fit all
  • Re-use of research data

How to put the learning back in e-learning
Could your employees detect and deflect a spear phishing attack?
Talent development for social inclusion
# ContextAnalytics
Social capital and better health

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