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Managing Information is a subscription magazine available both electronically and in print format, for everyone who uses information.

The magazine's core topics include information management, knowledge management, taxonomy, intellectual property (copyright, patents, trademarks, data protection, freedom of information), IT security, disaster recovery (information and data aspects), the internet, Web 2.0 and social media, libraries, information centres and museums.

Managing Information reflects the needs of information professionals across all sectors - corporate and commercial, public, academic/educational, and voluntary. The purpose of the magazine is to help readers enhance their own performance, and that of their organizations, providing news, comment and analysis, feature articles on best practice, and reviews.

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Managing Information: Current issue: Volume 21 Issue 2

As managers of information and knowledge, we need to use our capacity to acquire knowledge, not least around other media than the written word in print or Web format, and use it to develop services which engage, and meet needs which are constantly evolving.

Image: Managing Information current issuePart of this process is putting ourselves in environments which are outside our comfort zones, which give new insights and experiences. Networking is a powerful way to achieve that.

One of the themes for this issue is gamification. Gamification is the process of applying game elements to non-game applications. One of our articles is write-up of a talk by Steve Dale at a recent NetIKX event which looked at gamification to achieve better engagement and collaboration. We also have four research review articles looking at other aspects and uses of gamification in the information and knowledge context.

Also in this issue we have an interview with Roly Keating, CEO of the British Library, and another with a group of academics from Northumbria University on the importance of research and its relevance to practice.

There is also the usual range of news, comments, analysis, feature articles and our regular columnists.

Graham Coult, Editor-in-chief,
Managing Information magazine


Research Reviews: Gamification

  • The benefits of play
  • Here! What’s your game?
  • Learning communities and the modern library
  • Virtual bedside manner

Lost and found
Gamification and incentivisation
Research and practice – a symbiotic relationship?
Accessibility is essential, not a nice-to-have
“For anyone and everyone, through digitisation and collaboration”

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