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Privacy and Data Protection

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ASLIB – Helping you and your company manage risk, protect reputational capital and maintain excellent customer relationships. Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters is an ASLIB publication. Four issues of the magazine will be published annually.

Privacy and Data Protection law continues to evolve. Financial penalties have already been introduced in the UK, and that aspect is being toughened up. The European Commission is consulting on new Data Protection law, one requirement of which will be that all companies with 250 or more employees will have to appoint a Data Protection Officer. The USA has proposed a Privacy Bill of Rights, and other countries around the world are either updating existing laws, or introducing new ones in the privacy and data protection sphere – all as a reaction to market pressures.

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  • Reports on legislative changes and what they will mean in practice;
  • Summaries of regulator decisions and how these shape the meaning of legislation;
  • Interviews with regulators on their thinking, key issues, future developments and how we should comply;
  • Interviews with, and articles by, leading experts helping you to achieve best practice and manage your organization’s risk;
  • Privacy and data protection is not just about regulatory compliance, it is core to customer and stakeholder relations and high reputational capital.

Please note: The remaining issues from 2014 will be available by the end of February 2015 (for print issues please allow up to 8 weeks to receive them)

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ASLIB members will receive a subscription at no additional cost. This is in line with our commitment to develop ASLIB membership in response to member and community feedback. A subscription will cost £120.00 annually.

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Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters is ASLIB’s new publication. We would like you to be able to see an extract of the quality and range of content on offer in this publication. Click the link below for a promo sample of PDP: MIM Volume 2 Issue 1.

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Managing Information subscribers can add Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters to their subscription for an additional £60.00 per year. Please e-mail support@aslib.com to register an interest in the publication and to find out more or pre-order your subscription today!

If there are topics you would like to see covered, or you have expertise in Privacy and Data Protection, please contact the editor-in-chief Graham Coult: gcoult@aslib.com

Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters

Image: Privacy and Data Protection: Managing Information Matters latest issueIn this issue we bring you further insights into the practical advice which is on offer from around the world. These include Privacy and outsourcing guidelines, a Data Protection report on social housing organizations and the lessons it contains, over collection of personal information, and the ICO data sharing code.

At the time of going to press, Sir Tim Berners-Lee is commemorating twenty-five years since he invented the World Wide Web by stating that we need a Bill of Rights for Internet users. His rationale is the growing levels of government surveillance of, and corporate intervention in, people’s online activity.

Anyone who thinks that Privacy, Data Protection and Internet security issues are not relevant to them, their organization, or their customers would be wise to think again. The digital world is now pervasive, and it is very easy to fall foul of the regulatory regime.

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