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On-site training

Specialist bespoke, tailored and standard on-site workshops delivered on your own premises, to meet the needs of your information service.

Image: On-site training.

Training tailored to the needs of your organization

Meeting your requirements

Group sizes

All ASLIB training courses can be delivered on-site for groups of people in your organization. We work with library and information services in organizations of all kinds, as well as other professional associations both in the UK and internationally, designing and delivering effective learning and development programmes.

To discuss your training requirements, or to request a no-obligation proposal, please e-mail or call: +44 (0) 1274 785090.

Training tailored to the needs of your organization

ASLIB offers a choice of bespoke, tailored and standard on-site training programmes. There are currently over 30 specialist workshops which can be tailored to your needs or run in their current format in your organization. The list of courses by category shows the programmes currently available. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can provide a bespoke programme.

We work with you to find the best solution for your organization. Choose from:

  • Bespoke on-site training programmes – we work with you and our expert trainers to assess your learning and development needs to develop a programme from scratch.

  • Tailored on-site training programmes – we adapt existing courses based on your learning and development needs.

  • Standard open workshops – we deliver one of our existing open publicly-run workshops in your organization.

Meeting your requirements

On-site training is:

  • Relevant and focused – Tailor-made workshops to your requirements, delivered within the culture and context of your organization, enabling your people to focus on issues affecting you without loss of in-house confidentiality.

  • Cost-effective – Save money and stretch your budgets with no travel or accommodation costs for your people, and workshop fees by event instead of per person.

  • Convenient – Schedule training programmes according to your timetable and needs, and no time lost on traveling to a central training venue.

Group sizes

Our programmes can be adapted to different group sizes. We have successfully delivered workshops for a wide range of group sizes from small workshops of four people to large seminars attended by 50 people. We will advise on the best approach for you.